Hey, we're Ryan + Laine

Our love for both photography and music brought us together, where we met while shooting for Ottawa’s Bluesfest. I don’t think either of us could have imaged in that moment that we would fall in love and build a life together surrounded with our passions. A few months later, we left for a backpacking adventure throughout Costa Rica as two people deeply in love, and came back engaged(!!) and with the wild idea of joining forces in our photography.

Today, we are so freaking grateful to be doing what we love hand-in-hand. Photographing weddings is exciting, emotional, beautiful, and incredibly fulfilling and we get to experience it all with our best friend by our side. As a duo, we bring a blend of documentary and editorial photography that gives us our signature look.

Primarily Ottawa wedding photographers, we are lucky to call Vancouver our second home. We are also available in Toronto, Montreal, and around the world.


Ry: Always at the ready with a cringy dad-joke, the most even keeled and easy breezy person you'll meet, charming...but not in a creepy way, your grandma will love him.

Laine: Knows how you're feeling before you say it, will never let you go hangry, will laugh and cry through every speech even though you just met, is probably thinking about puppies or hugs right now.



"We really, honestly don't know how to tell you how grateful we are to both of you. You must never stop taking photos! You have captured our family + friends and the best day ever in EXACTLY the way we wanted. ❤

We're floored by how seriously talented you both are. The day itself went by SO quickly and after all that preparation, it's almost sad to have to stop planning!
But, these images are so precious for us. They show a raw emotion in everyone, that photographers, without the same skill-level, would never have been able to capture.
Thank you a million times over.

Again, thank you guys so much for everything! We can’t tell you how grateful we are to have you as our photographers <3 "

Nick + Sadaf

"We are absolutely beaming! Wow! Just blown away! It’s so cool to see the day through your lens.

While we were looking forward to having the photos done, we enjoyed the experience tenfold because of the two of you. We had so much fun with you and Laine. It felt like we were just hanging out with friends.

Thank you both so much!"

Melissa + David

"You guuuuyyyysss!

These are just as incredible as we expected and was such an amazing way to relive our wedding! You did such a great job capturing every detail and emotion throughout the day. Ty was so happy to see that even the bunnies made the cut! We can't thank you enough for these forever memories we can't wait to share with all of our anxiously waiting friends and family, and our own kids one day.


You guys seriously rock.

Lots of love,

Alex and Tyler"

Alex + Tyler

"This photography team was INCREDIBLE. They are first of all extremely talented and creative in their ability to play with light and surroundings....but they also both have the most amazing personalities...you feel as if you’ve known them forever due to their ability to keep you calm and comfortable in the face of a very hectic day. They are able to capture every detail without being invasive to anything that is going on...they are like ninjas!!!
I have worked with professional photographers before and have never come close to being this impressed by anyone. I urge anyone wanting the absolute best photography services to get in touch with them and wish you luck on their availability!!!
(Five stars doesn’t seem like enough!) Loveliest of humans ❤️"

Andrea + Hari

"Well, I’m not really sure even where to start! We are absolutely in shock and quite overwhelmed with how incredible every one of these photos are!!! I especially love all the shots of the getting ready space and all the details from the wedding venue, it really helps bring back all the memories. I really can’t believe these photos are from OUR wedding, they just look so darn cool. Thanks for making that happen!! We really could not express to you how happy we are to have had you guys as our photographers :)

Thank you thank you thank you!!"

Mikaela + Will

"Oh my goodness these are INCREDIBLE!!! I am speechless looking through these. I can't believe the creativity of your shots and the moments you were able to capture. I love being able to relive the day by looking through these. I am so grateful for you two and all the hard work you've been doing to make this so special - both on the day-of and since then with all the gorgeous editing.
These are honestly breathtaking! Thank you guys so much for all that you did for us. You both were incredibly involved and present, and we really appreciated all of your amazingly talented perspectives and ideas. Not to mention your willingness to stay an extra hour when our schedule of things got delayed.
Now how am I supposed to chose just one for the thank-you cards?!"

Laura + Nathan

"OMG IM DYING!!!!!!!!!!
These are amazing. Holy F! Haha. I'm in love. You & Laine have SERIOUS talent! Thank you so much "

Brittany + Alex

"GUYS. We’re in LOVE with these. You are both amazing. We were just at dinner with family and everyone keeps raving about you and how great you both were.

Thank you ❤️ "

Alison + Elias

"Wow, seriously the pictures are just insane!

I think we probably went through them too many times to count, they're going to make the best memories!

Thank you so much again, your work is amazing!"

Steph + Vern

"Oh my gosh man! We just saw our Sneak Peak photos and were blown away.

Honestly, everything turned out better than I ever expected. :)

Pumped about the photos, they look great!"

Nathan + Angelica

"Thank you so much for our gallery - we
absolutely love it! We are currently in Italy on our
honeymoon and it was so nice to see all of the photos from our day. You captured my father perfectly in different elements of the day and I can’t tell you how much that means to me.

You guys were so great to work with and made us feel very much at ease in front of the camera which isn’t easily done. We now have two sets of beautiful photos which we can’t wait to display.

Thank you again for being a part of and capturing our day so perfectly! While your work speaks for itself and you are both so incredibly nice to work with, if you ever need a reference please do not hesitate to let us know."

Alison + Will