April 25, 2018

Alex + Tyler : Buntzen Lake Engagement

Engagement | Part Three of Three

Sometimes the stars alight or the universe is in a good mood or you win the karma lottery, I’m not really sure what the exact mechanics are to be honest, maybe it’s just luck…but it feels…bigger than luck. Y’know what I mean? Well anyway, in case that’s all a bit too woo-woo I’ll break it down a bit for you; when Tyler and Alex asked us to be their wedding photographers, we were over the moon, and then when we casually suggested the idea of shooting their engagement photos in Vancouver (where Tyler grew up) and they were as excited about the idea as we were, well we knew we hit the friggin jackpot. Fast-forward a few months, some emails, skype calls, a flight across the country (we’re in a different time zone now, if you’re still following) and a few texts later, and we just couldn’t seem to narrow it down to a single location for the session! For us, having willing subjects to photograph in a novel location is pretty much the bees knees as far as we’re concerned, but add in the mountains and the ocean and a super cool city all in one place..it’s basically photography heaven. Soooo why limit ourselves to just one spot?? Amiright?? So now all we need is a couple awesome enough to want to run around the city all day long chasing the light with us…see where I’m going with this? Yes, as I mentioned before, we hit the friggin jackpot. Alex and Tyler were in! Our day started juuuust before sunrise along the Sea Wall in Stanley Park, then we made our way up to Chinatown to explore some awesome urban streetscapes, then we had brunch, took a nap, hopped back in the car and drove up to the gorgeous and serene Buntzen Lake Park just in time to catch the most gorgeous sunset light (and our crazy/awesome couple may or may not have decided they needed to get into the lake – that one was all them haha). We had such an amazing time hanging with these two, and we want the images to unfold as the day did, so we’re going to share them slowly one location at a time, as we all experienced it. <3