September 21, 2018

Terri + Kelly : Temple’s Sugar Bush

Myyy goodness. I feel like I’ve been writing, and backspacing, and writing and backspacing the story for this highlight gallery for daaaaays now. Every word I write, just totally pales in comparison to how this day actually felt. Was it beautiful? Obviously, yes, of course it was. Were there a ton of happy tears shed? Um, omg, so many. Did we end the night feeling like we had won some kind of lottery for having been invited to document such an incredible day? Yes, yes and yes. But honestly none of that even puts a dent into expressing how big our feelings are about this day.

First of all, Terri and Kelly are the kind of people who make it impossible not to fall in love with them. They are somehow both old souls at heart, who care immensely for their loved ones, while also having this gorgeous-twinkly-childlike-wonder, enthusiasm and sense of humor. Just trust me, if you haven’t met them, they are fantastic humans.

Secondly, (I guess I’m making a list now?) the deep relationships they have fostered, and the family they have chosen to surround themselves with are no exception, and come as no surprise: absolutely top notch human beings all around. Everyone in attendance at their wedding was just openly beaming with so much love and support for them, it was almost tangible.

Thirdly, the love they have for each other is total #goals. Boundless support, admiration, respect…all the truly important stuff in spades, plus every single time they look at each other they absolutely light up. It’s incredible, and so touching and inspiring.

Fourthly, (yes that’s a word, I checked) The setting they chose as the backdrop to step into the next phase of their lives together was an absolute dream. Shoulder high flower gardens absolutely bursting with blossoms, butterflies everywhere, the most magical twinkly sacred feeling forest ceremony site, a warm wood framed sugar shack to dance the night away in. It was perfection.

Lastly, Terri and Kelly placed a huge amount of trust in our creative vision as artists, and were so enthusiastic about the process that it left us feeling so free and inspired.

Okay bear with me ‘cause here I go: to try to sum up the feeling of the entire day in a few lines is impossible, but if I had to, it felt like being swept away into a magical bubble of pure love, immense gratitude, warm sincerity, and joy. Like the best hug you’ve ever gotten from your most favourite person, X1000.

Okay I’m done, please enjoy some of our favourite moments from the day.

xo Laine + Ryan